2011 Vendor List

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Bags & Accessories

Black Star Bags | Dave Stoops

Dave Stoops was a bike messenger and was in need of a waterproof backpack but could not find the right one. Nearly four years and several hundred bags later,  Black Star Bags is producing some of the best handmade waterproof bags on the streets. Visit their shop at 2033 SE Hawthorne, Portland, OR 97214.

Blaq Designs | Paul Johnson

Blaq Designs produces custom messenger bags, backpacks and accessories designed for rigorous use with a focus on eco-responsibility and fair business practice.


Citybikes Bike Buckets | Tim Calvert

Citybikes Worker Owned Cooperative will be selling their Portland made Bike Buckets for a very good price.  In addition, this year we will be presenting our “Art Buckets” which will feature folk art from the good brushes on Ochoco Street.  Special orders will be available.  Finally, our current bucket builder, Zahra Alkabi, will be selling Iraqi savory pastries both meat and vegan.

Malenkost | Megan McConkey

With love, Malenkost from Vancouver BC makes a variety of quality cycling accessories including custom civilian and messenger bags, lock holsters, hip pouches, wallets and toe straps.


Mopha | Erica Hanson

Makers of covetable and beautiful leather tool rools, Mopha presents bike love and style from Seattle, WA.


North St. Bags | Curtis Williams

North St. Bags designs and builds high quality backpacks, bicycle baggage and accessories for the foot powered lifestyle. All bags are hand-made with care in SE Portland.


Philosophy Bags | Troy Cameron

Philosophy Bags creates classic bicycle panniers, messenger bags and backpacks that are designed to stand up to everything you do.


Truce Designs | Luke Mathers

The goal of Truce Designs is to make top quality bags while supporting national manufacturers and also being light on the environment. They pride themselves on re-purposing fabrics like sails and drysuit nylon that would have otherwise been discarded, and blending them with new hardware like closed-cell foam, cordura webbing and water-resistant zippers manufactured in the US. Truce is proud to participate in a program called 1% for the Planet, where we donate 1% of yearly proceeds to environmental organizations.

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Fashion For You

Bike n Chain | Kimberly Schrope

Bike n Chain makes custom bike themed beanies and other designs too. All beanies are handmade from 100% pure new wool.


DiSanto Clothing | Matt Smit

DiSanto Clothing brings beautiful and functional handmade cycling caps from San Francisco.



Double Darn Clothing | Misia Pitkin

Double Darn makes cycling caps, and mechanic aprons in Portland. Visit their shop at 2033 SE Hawthorne Blvd



Full Court Press | Lou Simmons

Creative and fun t-shirts from Portland, OR

Gigi’s Handywork | Gigi Lascurettes

Helmuffs® are ear muffs for your helmet! These are ear covers that slide onto helmet straps and keep your ears warm during cold weather. I make these and other accessories from upcycled wool and fleece. Other products may include gPaks, small packs to keep essential items like phone/wallet/keys handy, and other useful accessories.

Little Package | Caroline Paquette

A Portland favorite, Little Package has been making great hats and supporting wonderful causes since 2004.



Love Bike Wear | Lucy Love & Megan AmbersonLove Bike Wear

Love Bike Wear is a line of reflective accessories that allow riding at night to be safer and stylish.

Handcrafted with love in Portland, Or.


Pinch Flat Designs | Ben Lewis

Based in Bend, Oregon, Pinch Flat Designs creates unique and functional bicycles accessories for the conscious cyclist. All materials are found or reclaimed in the High Desert. The idea is to take what has been tossed aside, and transform it into a new product, hopefully changing how we look at our goods along the way.

Rebicyclist | Julien Jaborska

After working in bikes shops for a few years and seeing the huge amounts of trash generated, Julien started taking some used parts home to see what he could do with them. Soon after his first bike tire belt was born, and after some friendly encouragement, Julien decided to keep making them. Now he’s living the dream, making cool things and riding bikes — all thanks to you!

Rhythmic Metal | Trent Stocking

Rhythmic Metal makes super cool belt buckles, earrings, wall hangings, and pendants out of recycled bike chain, cogs, and steel. Trent Stocking, owner and creator, first began making buckles out of recycled bike chain about 2 years ago, but has been working with and making things out of metal since he was about 15. Trent strives to use as much recycled materials as possible as part of his commitment to local, handmade, and sustainable business. Everything he sells he makes by hand start to finish.

Shaun Deller Designs | Shaun Deller

Shaun Deller Designs began in 2004 when artist/designer, Shaun Deller began making a few custom bike caps for himself and friends. His idea was, and still is, to make a small line of hats with function, fashion, simplicity and sustainability in mind. The inspiration for each hat style comes from images of cycling’s early years.

Swift | Jenica Cogdill

Traditional fit cycling caps for youngsters crafted from recycled materials and soft Portland-inspired fabrics.



Velo Gioielli | Brian Echerer

Velo Gioielli creates cycling-themed jewelry that is unique and elegant. From classic bike spoke and bicycle chain bracelets to pendants and necklaces that are stunning. We are always creating, Velo Gioielli is bike jewelry.


Cylical Designs | Savori Rardin

Accessories are created from 100% recycled leather and metal found from sources here in the North West.  Each piece is unique and contains a history all it’s own.


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Fashion For Your Bike

Art & Industry | Michael Downes & Jeff Sayler

Art & Indsutry is a collaboration between a master shipwright and an industrial designer to explore the intersection of plywood boat construction and bicycles. We create everything from complete plywood cargo bicycles to cargo boxes to Xtracycle snapdecks and more…

Light On Fun Reflectors™ | Brian Engelen

Express yourself with over 30 decal styles in a variety of colors, all made from 3M Scotchlite reflective. Perfect for your bike, helmet, fenders, or any hard surface. This quality reflective material will hold up for years without fading, cracking, or peeling. Our iron transfers are commercial grade retro-reflective that will enhance your favorite running, cycling or walking gear. We even have fun shapes for Fido’s raincoat.

Nyan Nyan Factory | Fumiyo Yoshino

For their second year with BikeCraft, the NNF team will share their stylish accessories that are already big hits in Japan. This year Nyan Nyan will also bring bike locks, pants/cuff bands and helmet covers.


Walnut Architecture | Geoff Franklin

Fine-grained handmade and custom bicycle accessories in leather, made in Portland, Oregon. My goal is to make high-quality, beautiful, durable, and most of all functional components for your bicycle.


OffBeat Seat | Sarah Shakelford

OffBeat Seats are crocheted bike seat covers that add a little comfort and a little flair! Seats come in a variety of sizes and colors, and Sarah loves doing custom items. 50% of all profits go to Lifewater International, an organization that helps people in Africa and Latin America gain access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education.

Whipstitch Wares | Domenika Radonich

Whipstitch Wares is based out of Portland, where each piece is sewn by Domenika and her Gramma. Functionality, durability, and sustainability are the top priorities at Whipstitch Wares: we want to keep you riding your bicycle as conveniently, stylishly, and intelligently as possible. This is why each piece is made from weather-approved materials and reflective embellishments.

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Gifts & Misc.

Bikeasaurus | Becky MortonBikeasaurus

Bikeasaurus is Portland’s best place to find fun bike accessories and local gifts in Portland, sort of like a year-round BikeCraft! Bikeasaurus sells everything from helmets to helmuffs, panniers to bicycle pizza cutters, bike tire belts to art prints. Visit their retail location: 1337 SE MLK, at Madison, just under the Hawthorne Bridge.

Bike Lust Comics | Patrick Kelly

Bike comic books, post cards and shirts from the clever and creative mind behind bikelustcomics.com



Bike, Walk, Vote

Bike Walk Vote works to elect local, regional, and statewide candidates who best support Oregonians who walk and bike.



Broken Spoke Designs | Nathan Engkjer

Journals and sketch books made from upcycled bike innertubes, bound together with derailleur cable and bike chain.


Dropout Bike Club | Brian Smith

Stickers, T-shirts, and some special one time auction items from one of Portland’s favorite bicycle clubs.



Filmed by Bike | Ayleen Crotty

The 10th Anniversary Filmed by Bike is a Portland-grown film festival of bike themed movies from around the world. The festival is April 13-18 at the Clinton Street Theater. Deadline for submissions is 1/20/2012


Firefly Gear | Amy Erickson

Firefly Gear is the creative playground for local Portland artist Amy Erickson.  Products include icon patches, reflective flowers and jewelry as well as fine art.  The ultimate goal of Firefly Gear is to bring a little and fun and mojo to your cycling.

Good Sport Promotion | Chad Smoot

Our entire collection of locally-produced gear will be on sale for great deals at BikeCraft 2011, including socks, pint glasses and more. You can also purchase gift certificates for most of our rides.

Don’t miss our booth because we’ll be unveiling our new VIP discount program with perks and savings that last all year long, and one lucky booth visitor will win a free VIP membership. We’re so excited to be at BikeCraft and to tell you about our upcoming events for 2012.

Little Lark

Little Lark is a design-based company selling awesome hand printed clothes for the whole family, plus letterpress cards, books, and more.  Little Lark is famous in Portland for their RIDE bike design… and proud of it!


Lost and Found | Sara Collins

Sara Collins hand makes stained glass chain ring ornaments, U lock cozies, bicycle themed terrariums, and many other hidden gems and tid bits. Based in Portland Oregon.


Pedal Bike Tours | Todd Roll

Pedal Bike Tours prides itself on offering a wide selection of practical, stylish and interesting bike crafts, fashion and Oregon-centric gifts. They emphasize goods made locally from recycled materials but also carry many products using new materials by local artists and artisans.

Rejuiced Bikes | Johnnie Olivan

Rejuiced Bikes is excited to be back this year again with new designs and crafts.  We will have small and big works for purchase and custom order: Sculptures, Trailers, Prints, Bicycle Accessories and more.


Rubber Revolution | Miranda Marks

Rubber Revolution is a Seattle-based business that specializes in making unique and durable products from recycled truck and bicycle inner tubes. We collect broken and throw away inner tubes from local companies, take them home, wash them up, and turn them into beautiful things for you to enjoy forever. Some of our accessories include a wide variety of wallets, belts, keychains, travel tubes, journals, hip pouches and more.

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Printed Goods & Art

Almost Monday | Serena Van Vranken

Almost Monday creates original and one-of-a-kind art prints of bikes and bike related items!




bIKEpUNK brings a great selection of printed goods to this year’s BikeCraft, including enough statement stickers to wrap your entire bike in art and opinions.

Chickeney | Sam MacKenzie

Chickeny makes hand-thrown pottery with bike-themed decorations, for the art lover and the bike lover.



Designsbyelze | Erika Shapen

Designsbyelze features a multitude of items including handmade books, prints, ceramics and clothing from Portland.


Flying Snail Creations | Tomas Quinones

Tomas Quinones draws whimsical and funny cartoons to get you to smile. He’ll have animals riding bikes on prints, post cards, posters and coloring pages.


Joe Biel

Joe Biel has been designing and selling iconographic bicycle imagery since 1996, when he founded Microcosm Publishing out of his closet in Cleveland. Since then he’s developed hundreds of t-shirts, books, fanzines, stickers, patches, and much more through both Microcosm and Cantankerous Titles that have grown too expansive for a bicycle and now require a tricycle to transport.

PedalFresh | David Nokovic

PedalFresh works in creative ways to help increase access to potable water for those who don’t have it. Their current project: A 2012 calender featuring hot, barely-robed bike boys.


Red Bat Press | Carye Bye

Playful & curious wood-cut print illustration with letterpress titles. Mailable art: hand printed and colored postcards, greeting cards, small blank books made in Portland.


Rockettoonz | Paul Mack

Rockettoonz produces small quantities of bicycle designs on greeting cards and t-shirts. We have many of our cards hand printed on elegant letterpress presses, bicycle cards, tandem cards, tricycle cards, beautiful holiday bicycle cards and more.  We use recycled paper or recycled cotton for our cards, postcards and envelopes and our t-shirts are sourced from sustainable mills in Central America and printed here in the USA.  We love to do custom illustration as well.

Stumptown Printers | Eric BagdonasStumptown Printers

Tucked in a red-brick building near the Albina train yards, Stumptown Printers prints and manufactures unique media & music packaging, custom letterpress and offset printed cards, postcards, posters, and other nifty paper goods– including many bike-themed cards, and posters benefitting bike advocacy organizations! In the tradition of “mom & pop” print shops of the twentieth century, we work closely with customers to create printing with a hand-crafted touch.

Taking the Lane | Elly Blue

Taking the Lane occupies, but is not limited to, the intersection of bicycling and social identity. Zines, books, cards, and more.


Two Guitars | Scott Ballard

Two Guitars Art Cards features screen-printed and letterpress original designs. The hand-printed cards, notebooks and prints feature several bike related Portland aesthetics. The new line of Holiday Cards are available along with a large stock of variety cards!

Zinester’s Guide to Portland | Shawn Granton

The Zinester’s Guide is a locally-produced travel guide for visitors and residents alike, focusing on low-to-no cost things to do and places to go to in the Rose City, and is built on contributions from people in the community.


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We are currently in the process of accepting and adding new vendors for this year’s Holiday Gift Fair, check back for additions and updates. If you are interested in presenting at BikeCraft check out our vendor application page here.